The Virtual Assistant

We do what we can do,

so you can do what only you can do.

Marketing Support

Your potential customers are looking for you, even when they don’t know it. Every scroll through their social media feed, every search online, every advertising piece they see, are opportunities to make an impression. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities?

Many small and large businesses attempt to tackle this challenge on their own or struggle to hire full-time staff to oversee this rapidly growing market. What do you do if you can’t handle this on your own or hire a new team member? We can help!

  • Social Media
    • Schedule posts
    • Graphic design
    • Content writing
  • Blogs
    • Content writing
    • Post layout & design
    • Idea development
  • Website
    • Updates
    • Site maintenance
    • Development
  • Sales Materials
    • Flyers
    • Web banners
    • Brochures

Personal Assistant

A virtual assistant can carry out most of the responsibilities of a traditional personal assistant, but remotely, from anywhere in the world. We have over 10 years of experience as personal assistants – anything from handling emails to sending personal letters.

If you need assistance for a short term project or long term support, we can step in and be the support you need.

  • Manage Emails
    • Correspondence
    • Maintain inbox zero
    • Labels & folders
  • Manage Calendars
    • Event entry
    • Resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Schedule Meetings
    • Notify guests
    • Room reservations
  • Book Travel
    • Car rentals
    • Hotels
    • Appointments
  • Business Purchases
    • Correspond with vendors
    • Personal Shopper
  • Personal Touches
    • Handwritten notes
    • Send flowers

Event Planning

Whether it’s an intimate dinner or conference for thousands of people, we can help. We’ve executed events of all kinds for over a decade. Let us bring your ideas to life!

We can help with any step along the way. Talk to us today so we can make it happen!

  • Event Ideas
    • Design
    • Scheduling
    • Stage planning
  • Vendor Management
    • Equipment
    • Logistics
  • Promotions
    • Commercials
    • Billboards
    • Direct mail
  • Social Media
    • Post scheduling
    • Comment management